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Model LP40-4

Standard FeaturesDetails
Length 40'-0"
Main Beams 21" Wide Flange IBeam w/4" Drop Center
Suspension Hutch 3-Point 3-spring
Axles(2) 25,000lb Capacity, Type 30 Air Chambers, Auto Slack, ABS
Wheels 10-Hole Disc, Hub Piloted
Tires 11R24.5 Radials (*American*)
Tandem Setting 60" Standard
KP Setting 20"
KP Height 48"
Revolver-Greaseless Upper Coupler No
Landing Gear Heavy Duty Winch Back, 7" Foot
Bolsters 4" x 10" x 102" High Yield Steel
Bolster Setting 10'-0" Apart
STD Size 5" x 5" High Yield Steel
STD Height 98" Overall
Winches 4 Straps
Winch Placement On Frame
Headboard No
Drag Bar Yes
Drag Brace Yes
Cover Entire Length of Tandem Yes
Parking Brakes No
Grapple Bar Yes
Tire Rack No
Dust Shield No
Scales No
Wiring Harness Sealed Wiring Harness (Fully Enclosed)
Lights LED Standard Package
Paint Black
Technical Drawing
* All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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